For the 25th time already, Zurich’s Christkindlimarkt enchants the main station and makes people’s eyes shine. Christmas carols accompany our stroll through the colourfully illuminated market houses. It smells and christmas and should simply never stop…

22nd November to 24th December 2018

Sunday to Wednesday,

10.30 to 21.00

Thursday to Saturday,

10.30 to 22.00

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The Christmas tree

A beautifully decorated tree towers high above Zurich's Christkindlimarkt: its more than 7,000 crystalline ornaments are reflected in the shining eyes of the people. In the evening light, the beautiful Christmas tree sparkles as if the starry sky wanted to kiss the earth. Daily from 17.00 o'clock there is every 30 minutes a light show.  


The colorful beach houses under the platform offer the somewhat different products. Bamboo mobile phone covers, Christmasjumpers, Fairtrade jewelry, Fairtrade bags, wooden glasses, wooden watches, honey products, hats, iris photography, caps, panky, silhouette jewelry, tattooed roses, wall decorations. It's worth stopping by.

Pleasure with view

What a great view! From the Chäs Atelier we do not only enjoy a fantastic view over the Christkindlimarkt - here we are also spoiled with spicy cheese specialities like Fondue and Raclette. The cosy platform is just as suitable for a confidential tête-à-tête as it is for concluding an eventful day among colleagues. Come by spontaneously or make a reservation.    

Emmentaler Stöckli

The cosy setting for the varied traditions of the Emmental. From the world-famous cheese to the lesser-known specialities to be discovered here. An entire region makes a memorable appearance at Switzerland's largest railway station. Handicraft demonstrations such as silhouettes and ceramic pottery are included.

What else was there to discover?

Today at the Christkindlimarkt

The carousel tinkles, the children cheer and their parents warm themselves with a hot cup of punch. Again and again our gaze touches the imposing Christmas tree. But there a funny disguised figure on stilts struts around the corner and lets our thoughts wander to distant heights.

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Colours and fragrances of incredible richness stimulate our senses. The familiar, from savory to spicy, alternates with the beguilingly exotic. And then the variety of herbs – or soaps, oils and bath salts. The Christkindlimarkt is a world of senses. The intensive browsing through the market houses brings us very special gift ideas.

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